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Livestock Lines Newsletter

Newsletter produced by Theresa Becchetti Livestock Advisor, Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties. You can receive email notification when the next newsletter is posted.

Issue Articles Type Date Added
Summer Issue 2023 Vol. 28 No. 3

In this issue:

  • Grasses vs Trees
  • Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
  • Pasture Management 101


PDF 8/24/23
Spring 2023 Vol. 28, Issue 2

Look What’s Inside:

  • Carbon Neutral and Net Zero
  • Range and Natural Resources Camp
  • Necropsy
  • Spring Livestock Meetings
PDF 3/22/23
Winter 2023, Volume 28 Issue 1

Look What’s Inside:

  •  Testing Your Hay - What Does it All Mean?
  •  Joint Rangeland Conference
  •  California Rangeland Conservation Coalition Summit


PDF 1/5/23
Summer Issue 2022 Vol. 27 No. 2

In This Issue...

  • Policy Impacting California Rangelands and Ranching
  • Forage Production 2021-2022
  • Neospora in Beef Cattle
  • California Ewe Mastitis and Lamb Survivability Survey
  • Ground Squirrels on Rangelands
PDF 8/31/22
January 2022

In This Issue...

  • 30x30 - What is it and why should I care?
  • Multibenefit Land Repurposing Program
  • The Importance of Using Non-Lead Ammunition
  • Grass Tetany Reminders
PDF 1/31/22
August 2021

In This Issue...

  • WeedCUT / Match.Graze
  • 37th Annual Westside Ranchers Meeting 
  • Drought / Fire and Grazing on Rangelands
  • Summertime - blue-green algae time
PDF 8/6/21
May 2021

In This Issue...

  • Drought and Livestock 
  • What's "Bugging" Your Beef Webinar 
  • Rangeland and Natural Resources Camp
  • Weed Management for Small Acreages
PDF 5/20/21
May 2020

In This Issue...

  • Spring Cattle Work and COVID-19 
  • COVID-19 and Animal Health 
  • Livestock Production and Environmental Footprint 
PDF 5/4/20
COVID-19 Notification

Dear Stanislaus County community:

As you all know, national, state, and local agencies have been implementing various measures to reduce the rate and risk of community spread of COVID-19.  We wanted to update you on protective measures being taken by UC ANR, including this office.  All UC Agriculture and Natural Resources county offices, research and extension centers and statewide programs are implementing telecommute protocols.  As of Friday, March 20, all UC ANR employees have been working remotely. This includes our Farm Advisors who work closely with growers and other agriculture clientele, UC Master Gardeners, the Nutrition, Food and Consumer Science program, and 4-H.

Being mindful of official guidance concerning social distancing, many Cooperative Extension functions, events, activities, meetings, etc. have been cancelled through the end of April. This directive also includes all volunteer-led youth or adult programming, meetings, or gatherings.

During this telecommute status, we want to emphasize that we are still working and available to assist. Call our number at 525-6800 and we will direct you to the appropriate person.  Critical research projects are being maintained and program delivery is taking place online. There is no impact on your ability to connect with us by email or phone. 

We will be monitoring COVID-19 developments closely and will continue to communicate any changes to our operations.  If you have any questions or issues regarding potentially impacted meetings, events, research, programs, etc., please check our website at cestanislaus.ucanr.edu or drop us an email. We are here and available to assist you during this uncertain period.

PDF 3/24/20
April 2019
  • Livestock’s Impact on Greenhouse Gases
  • Rangeland and Livestock Management 101
PDF 4/22/19
February 2019

In this issue:

  • Mineral Status of Cattle in California
  • 66th Annual Oakdale Livestock Forum
PDF 2/14/19
Winter Issue 2018

Look What’s Inside:

¨ Sustainable Diet Discussion

¨ Rangeland Summit

¨ Upcoming Events


PDF 1/7/19
Fall Newsletter 2018
  • Bull Breeding Reminders
  • Water Measurement Course
  • Upcoming Events


PDF 9/12/18
Summer Newsletter 2018
  • Scholarships
  • Water Diversion Short Course
  • Confined Bovine Feeding Operations
  • Ranchette Livestock/Poultry Owner Animal Health Meeting
  • Pink Eye
PDF 8/2/18
January 2018


  • Farm Risk Survey
  • 2018 Rangeland Summit
  • Upcoming Webinars 
PDF 7/26/18
Fall Newsletter 2016
  • Horse Day 2016
  • Wild Pig Survey
  • Pasture Management
  • Edible Bale Wrapping
  • Livestock’s Carbon Footprint
  • Antibiotics Use as of January 2017
  • Bull Management – Fall Breeding
  • Small-Scale Livestock Producers Workshop
PDF 10/13/16
January 2016
  • Upcoming 2016 Summit and Tours
  • Pasture Management
PDF 1/7/16
November 2015
  • Management of Medusahead on Working Rangelands Field Meetings
  • California Rangeland Conservation Coalition's 11th Annual Summit
  • Drought Management
  • Drought and Poisonous Plants
PDF 10/30/15
The Management of Medusahead on Working Ranches PDF 3/27/15
December 2014 PDF 12/11/14
62nd Annual Oakdale Livestock Forum

For one time only

The 62nd Annual Oakdale Livestock Forum is sponsoring the California Rangeland Conservation Coalition's Summit

Click on the link to get all the information.

PDF 12/13/13
Spring 2013
  • Medusahead on Rangelands
  • Copper Deficiency
  • Forage Production


PDF 5/15/13
Spring 2013

Livestock Lines:

  • 61st Annual Livestock Forum
  • Preventing Damage From Liver Flukes
  • Irrigated Pasture Management to Reduce E. Coli in Tailwater
PDF 2/22/13
September 2012
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Beef Quality Assurance Meeting Announcement
  • Forage Production
  • Fire and Forage Loss Calculator
  • Small Landowner Short Course
  • Johne's Disease in Beef Herds: What are the Issues?
  • National Rangeland Conference
PDF 9/7/12
Spring 2012

In this issue...

*  Drought 2012

*  Pink Eye - Bad Year Coming Prepare to Prevent or Treat

*  Alternative Castration Methods

*  Beef Quality Assurance

PDF 5/23/12
February 2012
  • Grass Tetany
  • Drought on Rangelands
  • Drought Sales of Livestock: Managing the Taxes
  • Livestock 101
  • Crystal Meth Epidemic Update Meeting Announcement
  • 60th Annual Oakdale Livestock Forum
  • Calendar of Events
PDF 2/22/12
Fall 2011 PDF 10/18/11
July 2011
  • 2011 Beef Quality Audit Underway, Producer Input Needed
  • Forage Production
  • Fly Control
  • Irrigated Pasture Weeds
  • Weed Management on Rangelands
PDF 7/12/11
June 2011
  • What do New Changes in Aluminum Phosphide Labels Mean for Burrowing Mammal Control?
  • Ground Squirrel Bait
  • Food Safety - a Concern for All
  • Equine Herpes
  • "Yellow Book" Goes On-Line
  • Beef Quality Assurance Program
  • Rangeland Decision Making Survey
  • New USDA-Inspected Cut and Wrap Facility Tour
PDF 7/12/11
Beef Quality Assurance Program Topics will include injection and vaccine information, animal ID, age and source verification and national bull and cow beef quality audit as well as a short animal health program after lunch. PDF 3/23/11
Reminder-Oakdale Livestock Forum Save the date: March 1, 2011 PDF 2/17/11
Goat Workshop March 15th, 2011 McCay Hall 2820 Hwy 140 Catheys Valley, CA PLEASE R.S.V.P BY MARCH 09, 2011 @ 209-966-2417 OR REGISTER ON-LINE @ cemariposa.ucdavis.edu PDF 2/15/11
59th Annual Livestock Forum Click on link for more information PDF 2/6/08
Winter 2011 *Update on Controlling Smutgrass in Irrigated Pastures *Preventing Damage From Liver Flukes *Excellence in Range Management *YouTube and Cattle? *59th Annual Livestock Forum PDF 3/19/08
Fall 2010 *Bull Management - Fall Breeding *Trichomonosis in Cattle, A Review *New Forage Loss Tool *Local Forage Production *Fall Field Day PDF 9/14/10
Winter 2010 * Beef Quality Assurance * Maternal Diets are Forever * Carbon Sequestration on Rangelands PDF 2/3/10
58th Annual Livestock Forum Get the latest research information for your livestock at this meeting. DOC 2/2/10
September 2009 Upcoming Short Courses: * Small Land Owner * Ranch Water Quality PDF 8/31/09
Summer 2009 * Smutgrass - Another Invasive Grass * Smutgrass in Irrigated Pastures * Cancer Incidence in Vegetarians * Udder & Teat Scoring in Beef Cattle * Ranch Water Quality & Small Landowner Shortcourses * Beef Quality Assurance Program PDF 8/31/09
2009 Niche Meat Market Conference March 26th - Cutting Edge Meat Processing Tour This year's conference will feature a tour of Cutting Edge Meat, a USDA inspected harvest and processing facility. The plant is located in Newman, CA. After the tour, we will have discussions working with processors, meat cutting instructions, and the need for more USDA processing. March 27th - What You're Doing and How's it Working? This year's conference will focus on implementation. We have covered a lot of topics over the past six years. We want to provide a way to bring all that information together to assist you in developing or taking your niche meat marketing effort to the next level. DOC 2/24/09
57th Annual Livestock Forum 01/20/09 Register by January 10th. $10- per person with early registration or $15- at the door. DOC 12/22/10
Winter 2008 # Sudden Death in Adult Cattle # Grass Tetany # Relationship Between Residual Feed Intake & Growth Performance, EPD Profiles, & Value Indices of Angus Bulls # Water Quality and Livestock # Free Soil Amendments # Upcoming Meetings PDF 12/22/10
Water Quality, Range, Pature & Livestock Management Meeting Meeting held on 01/29/09. Register by 01/17/09 $10- per person for early registration or $15- at the door. DOC 7/22/10
September 2008 Final Reminder - Buy Your Crop Insurance Now for 2008! PDF 9/3/08
Summer 2008 * Pink Eye Prevention * Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) * Automobile Calculator * Cattle Welfare Workshop PDF 12/16/09
Summer 2008 - Pink Eye Treatment Options Read about the latest treatment options. PDF 7/30/08
Summer 2008 - Vehicle Cost Link Vehicle/Pick-up/Trailer Cost Analysis Worksheet XLS 7/30/08
56th Annual Livestock Forum Please ignore road signs for 2 hour parking limits. Thank you to the City of Oakdale for eliminating the parking time limits and graciously accommodating our meeting. DOC 3/8/09
January 2007 55th Annual Oakdale Livestock Forum, Effects of Drought and Frost, Vet Views PDF 1/15/08
Fall 2006 Beef Cattle Updates and Meeting Announcements PDF 1/13/08
January 2006 Annual Oakdale Livestock Forum PDF 6/27/11
November 2005 UCD Vet Views: Fall Cattle Health Reminders, Medusa Head Project, Animal ID, Avian Influenza- aka- Bird Flu, Oakdale Livestock Forum Update PDF 6/27/11
July 2004 National Animal Identification System PDF 6/3/10
February 2004 BSE, Pasture Management, Beef Quality Assurance Program, Oakdale Livestock Forum PDF 6/27/11
April 2004 Abortion in Cattle, Weed Management, West Nile Virus, Range Camp, Meetings, Ecological sites PDF 1/14/08