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Thanks to a Renewable Resources Extension Act grant, we have created a site with all of the publications UC has regarding livestock, rangelands, pastures, weeds, etc.  Please take a minute to see the wealth of info waiting for you.  The majority of the papers available are free downloads, and a link will take you to purchase the few that are not free.  Each paper has a small summary for your convenience.  This site will continue to grow as well, so please bookmark it and come back often!

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The Livestock and Natural Resource Management Program focuses on efforts to keep range livestock and the rangeland itself healthy and productive.  Research ranges from invasive plants, water quality, ecosystem services, rangeland education for schools, and niche marketing. 

Livestock Advisor, Theresa Becchetti, has a cross-county appointment for San Joaquin County as well. 

2019 Rangeland Summit

The 2019 Rangeland Summit was held at the Stockton Ag Center, January 15th.  For anyone who missed the Summit, or for those that would like to see any of the presentations again, the slides can all be found here.  For more information about the California Rangeland Conservation Coalition, please see their website here

Summit 2019
Summit 2019


Newsletter produced by Theresa Becchetti Livestock Advisor, Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties. You can receive email notification when the next newsletter is posted.

Issue Type Date Added
April 2019 (577KB) PDF 4/22/19
February 2019 (537KB) PDF 2/14/19
Winter Issue 2018 (739KB) PDF 1/7/19
Fall Newsletter 2018 (805KB) PDF 9/12/18
Summer Newsletter 2018 (892KB) PDF 8/2/18
January 2018 (877KB) PDF 7/26/18
Fall Newsletter 2016 (326KB) PDF 10/13/16
January 2016 (976KB) PDF 1/7/16
November 2015 (1,071KB) PDF 10/30/15
The Management of Medusahead on Working Ranches (208KB) PDF 3/27/15
December 2014 (419KB) PDF 12/11/14
62nd Annual Oakdale Livestock Forum (805KB) PDF 12/13/13
Spring 2013 (719KB) PDF 5/15/13
Spring 2013 (556KB) PDF 2/22/13
September 2012 (1,104KB) PDF 9/7/12
Spring 2012 (250KB) PDF 5/23/12
February 2012 (524KB) PDF 2/22/12
Fall 2011 (1,354KB) PDF 10/18/11
July 2011 (156KB) PDF 7/12/11
June 2011 (168KB) PDF 7/12/11
Beef Quality Assurance Program PDF 3/23/11
Reminder-Oakdale Livestock Forum PDF 2/17/11
Goat Workshop PDF 2/15/11
59th Annual Livestock Forum PDF 2/6/08
Winter 2011 PDF 3/19/08
Fall 2010 PDF 9/14/10
Winter 2010 PDF 2/3/10
58th Annual Livestock Forum DOC 2/2/10
September 2009 PDF 8/31/09
Summer 2009 PDF 8/31/09
Spring 2009 PDF 3/13/09
2009 Niche Meat Market Conference DOC 2/24/09
57th Annual Livestock Forum 01/20/09 DOC 12/22/10
Winter 2008 PDF 12/22/10
Water Quality, Range, Pature & Livestock Management Meeting DOC 7/22/10
September 2008 PDF 9/3/08
Summer 2008 PDF 12/16/09
Summer 2008 - Pink Eye Treatment Options PDF 7/30/08
Summer 2008 - Vehicle Cost Link XLS 7/30/08
56th Annual Livestock Forum DOC 3/8/09
January 2007 PDF 1/15/08
Fall 2006 PDF 1/13/08
January 2006 PDF 6/27/11
November 2005 PDF 6/27/11
July 2004 PDF 6/3/10
February 2004 PDF 6/27/11
April 2004 PDF 1/14/08
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grazing under oaks_magruders

Outdoor Hog Production, Best Practices for Conservation in the San Francisco Bay Area

Below are the links for the Resource Guide, broken into three sections for easy downloading.  If you have any further questions, please contact your local Livestock Advisor.

Resources Guide Part 1

Resources Guide Part 2

Resources Guide Part 3

Red Wattle on pernnial pasture_Pasture 42

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