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Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science


The Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Science program helps people better manage their family and personal resources. The program provides consumers -- especially the parents of young children -- with information in food and nutrition, food safety, food preservation, and money management. Training and information is also provided to health and education professionals such as nurses, foster care parents, home health aides residential care operators, and teachers.

Food Safety

Home Food Preservation

Parenting-Human Development

Maternal and Child Nutrition

EFNEP and Adult FSNEP Family Nutrition Classes

Garden & Nutrition Resources for Schools

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So You Want To Be A Master Food Preserver??

Thank you for your interest in becoming a UC Master Food Preserver. By filling out this survey you will be put on our list to contact when workshops and trainings are available.



Food Blog

Where is food grown in your community?
Posted 4/10/2014 - Nutritious food is an essential part of healthy growth and a healthy lifestyle. What we eat greatly influences how we feel and how happy we are. Nearly every community in California contributes in some way to food production, from large farms to backyard...

Lemons are the zucchini of winter - take 2
Posted 4/8/2014 - It's early spring, and that means one thing: I am once again drowning in lemons.  This year with our tree well established, we had a bumper crop.  Even as an espalier, our tree produces more lemons than we can use.  And as anyone with a...

An energetic musical reinforces nutrition education
Posted 4/1/2014 - It would be hard to forget a couple of kidneys singing the blues, or a disembodied heart demanding more exercise. That's what UC Cooperative Extension nutrition educators are banking on. The educators are pilot-testing a curriculum called “The...

Ornamental landscape date palm: An overlooked urban fruit tree
Posted 3/31/2014 - From lemons to loquats, it's common to see fruit trees with an abundant, but unpicked, harvest. Urban fruit often goes to waste, whether on a neglected backyard tree or in a public setting. Under-utilized urban fruit trees have gotten some attention in...

Choosing healthy foods might be easier than you think
Posted 3/25/2014 - Doctors say we'll live longer if we exercise and eat right. Okay, but what does that mean, exactly? You hear so much about super foods and super diets that knowing how to “eat right” can be super confusing. It doesn't have to be. Liz...

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