Dr. Anthony Fulford

Area CE Nutrient Management & Soil Quality Advisor
University of California Cooperative Extension
3800 Cornucopia Way
Suite A
Modesto, CA 95358
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Also in:
Merced County
San Joaquin County


Prior to joining UCCE, Anthony studied soil fertility of rice cropping systems at the University of Arkansas where he evaluated nitrogen soil testing, nitrogen use efficiency, and greenhouse gas emissions in the mid-South. Anthony is most recently coming from The Ohio State University where, as a postdoctoral researcher, he focused on soil health testing and nutrient management practices for corn, soybeans, and wheat grown in Ohio. Anthony’s research has been focused on identifying rapid and affordable soil health measurements to better predict organic nitrogen supply to plants. Anthony has actively engaged the grower and extension communities by leading demonstrations and discussions at soil health workshops. During his academic career, Anthony has worked closely with growers and extension educators to conduct research on nutrient management and soil health.


Soil Health, Nutrient Management, Soil Fertility/Testing

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Peer Reviewed

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