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2019 Summit

The 2019 Rangeland Summit was held in Stockton on January 15th.  Below is the agenda and links for the presentations for your reference.    

Preventing Catastrophic  Wildfire  in California -  The  Role for  Livestock  Grazing

9:00  Registration and Morning Coffee         Midvalley Cowbelles 

9:30   WELCOME!    Bre Owens, Chair and Sheila Barry, Moderator 

9:40   Grazing to Control Brush       Lynn Huntsinger, UC Berkeley 

10:10  Prescribed Fire in California: Bottlenecks and Opportunities Jeff Stackhouse, UCCE Humboldt County 

10:40   Break       

11:00   Fire Risk Increasing Unevenly on Public and Private Lands         Van Butsic, UCB Specialist 

11:30   A Rancher’s Perspective: Living with Fire      Mike Williams, Los Angeles County Rancher 

12:00   Lunch prepared by MidValley Cowbelles 

1:00   The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation Perspective   Adam Cline, Ranch Manager, Yolo County

1:30   Post Wildfire Grazing on Public Lands in Northern California     Laura Snell, UCCE Modoc County  

2:00   Post Wildfire Considerations on Ranches in Annual Rangelands  Matthew Shapero, UCCE Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties   

2:30   California Wildfire Policy - What has California done to address this ongoing crisis? What's Left to do?   Justin Oldfield, California Cattlemen’s Association 

3:00   Wrap up 

3:30   AdjournThank you for your participation! 

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Prescribed Fire-Upper Stony Creek Watershed


By Wendell Gilgert, 2019 Rangeland Summit Photo Contest

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