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Anthony Fulford joined UCCE on June 18 as an area nutrient management/soil quality advisor in Stanislaus, Merced and San Joaquin counties. Prior to joining UCCE, he studied on soil health testing and nutrient management practices for corn, soybeans, and wheat grown in Ohio as a postdoctoral researcher at The Ohio State University. Fulford studied soil fertility of rice cropping systems at the University of Arkansas where he evaluated nitrogen soil testing, nitrogen use efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions in the mid-South. His research has been focused on identifying rapid and affordable soil health measurements to better predict organic nitrogen supply to plants. He has worked closely with growers and extension educators to conduct research on nutrient management and soil health and has led demonstrations and discussions at soil health workshops. Fulford received a Ph.D. in soil fertility from University of Arkansas, a M.S. in soil science from Southern Illinois University, and a B.S. in forestry from Colorado State University.

On The Soil Horizon

This newsletter is authored by Dr. Anthony Fulford and will focus on soil quality and nutrient management.

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On the Soil Horizon - Volume 4, Issue 3 - Fall 2021

In This Issue...

  • Properties of Manure as a Nitrogen Fertilizer

  • UC ANR Evaluating Chemical and Physical Properties of Manure

  • Irrigation and Nutrient Management Workshop
  • 2021 Annual Alfafa and Forage Field Day

  • Timelines and Deadlines for the Healthy Soils and SWEEP Programs

  • Cover Crops and Water


PDF 9/3/21
Kearney Alfalfa and Forage Field Day - Sept 23, 2021

September 23rd, 2021
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

The annual Alfalfa and Forage Field Day returns to the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center. UC Extension will be sharing research updates on alfalfa and forage variety trials, as well as irrigation, nutrient, and pest management.

Where: Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center located at 9240 South Riverbend Avenue Parlier, CA 93648

2021 program agenda is still to be determined, but for examples of previous presentations, visit:

• 2020: http://agric.ucdavis.edu/2020_Alfalfa_Forage_Virtual_Field_Day/

We are currently applying for CEUs for CA DPR, CCA and CDFA-INMP (formerly CURES)

Lunch will be provided

Pre-registration will be required

Please contact Anthony Fulford for more information (209) 525-6800;




PDF 8/4/21
On the Soil Horizon - Volume 4, Issue 2 - Summer 2021

In This Issue...

  • Clay Soils

  • Interpreting Soil Water Content

  • Recorded Webinars
PDF 7/19/21
On the Soil Horizon - Volume 4, Issue 1 - Spring 2021

In This Issue...

  • Conversation Buffers

  • Sandy Soils

  • Upcoming Events


PDF 4/2/21
On the Soil Horizon - Volume 3, Issue 4

In This Issue...

  • Happy Healthy Soil

  • Water Infiltration

  • Cover Crops Flyer

PDF 12/3/20
On The Soil Horizon - Volume 3, Issue 3

In This Issue...

  • Summary of 2020 Needs Assessment for Soil Quality and Nutrient Management Program
  • Finding the Right Fit: 4R Fertilizer Management and Nutrient Stewardship
  • September Announcements and Events
PDF 9/9/20
On The Soil Horizon - Volume 3, Issue 2

In This Issue...

  • Salinity Overview

  • New Subscribers

  • N Accumulation

PDF 7/10/20
On The Soil Horizon - Volume 3, Issue 1

In This Issue...

  • Field Crop Trends


  • New Advisor

  • COVID-19

PDF 3/27/20
COVID-19 Notification

Please see the attached link concerning our office and the COVID-19 outbreak. 

PDF 3/25/20
On The Soil Horizon - Volume 2, Issue 2

In This Issue

  • UC ANR 
  • Alfalfa/Forage Day
PDF 9/6/19
On the Soil Horizon - Summer 2019 Issue

In this Issue.....

  • Sudangrass: Harvesting the Summer Heat
  • Hemp on the Horizon
PDF 7/25/19
Cover Crops Workshop PDF 3/11/19
On the Soil Horizon - Fall Issue

Topics discussed:


  • New Soil Advisor
  • Understanding Soil Health
PDF 11/2/18