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The Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Science program helps people better manage their family and personal resources. The program provides consumers -- especially the parents of young children -- with

Issue Articles Type Date Added
Master Food Preservers Present Christmas in a Can (251KB) PDF 11/3/15
Dirt Fresh News - Pears (29,489KB) PDF 2/14/14
Dirt Fresh News-Beans (45,308KB)

This issue is all about beans. Adults & kids learn about this great tasting and protein packed legume. There's a tasty recipe to try & don't forget about the kids page filled with lots of puzzles and games to enjoy. Thanks to P-R Farms for providing samples to over 7,000 students in our Farm to School Program.  

PDF 12/2/13
Dirt Fresh News, October 2013 (21,507KB)
  • This issue is about winter squash donated to our schools from J. Marchini Farms.
  • Helpful tips to find a balance between sugary treats & good nutrition for Halloween.
  • The kids page has fun squash facts and games.
  • Don't forget to try the featured tasty recipe.

Thanks for reading this edition of Dirt Fresh News!

PDF 10/9/13
Dirt Fresh News - Tomatoes (65,212KB)

This issue features tomatoes and there is something for everyone to enjoy.  For the kids there are fun tomato facts and games.  For the adults there is a feature article on a local grower that has donated his produce to over 7,000 students that participate in our Farm to School program.  Plus, a very tasty recipe to try.

Thanks for reading this edition of Dirt Fresh News!


PDF 9/4/13
Dirt Fresh News (2,241KB)


PDF 5/28/13
Dirt Fresh News (1,859KB)

Rainbow Chard

PDF 5/28/13
Dirt Fresh News (1,973KB)


PDF 5/28/13
Dirt Fresh News (2,582KB)


PDF 5/28/13
September 2012 (25,843KB)


PDF 8/30/12
Daikon (1,298KB) PDF 5/23/12
Lavender (17,720KB) PDF 5/23/12
Sweet Potatoes (12,830KB) PDF 5/23/12
Dirt Fresh News (2,168KB)

November, 2011


* Apples - Nutrition & Recipes
* How to strech your food budget
* Fun games for kids
* Spanish version included

PDF 11/30/11
Dirt Fresh News for August, 2011 (2,324KB)
  • Thanks to Farmer Dave
  • Bell Pepper Facts
  • Grow Your Own Bell Peppers
  • Kids Fun Page
PDF 11/14/11
Dirt Fresh News for September (1,225KB)
  • Healthful information about tomatoes
  • Recipe
  • Kids fun page
PDF 11/14/11
Farm to School Workshop (322KB)

Click on the link to find out about this new and exciting program!

PDF 10/4/11
Dirt Fresh News for March 2011 Snap Peas PDF 3/23/11
January 2011 Thank You Teachers! PDF 1/25/11
Happy Healthy Halloween 10-10 PDF 10/18/10
Holiday Budget 09-10 Here are a few tips to get you through the holidays and hopefully have money in your pocket come January. PDF 9/2/10
Spring Into Family Fun, April 2010 Make exercise a family fun event in your regular routine. DOCX 4/2/10
January 2010 What's on TV? Advertising to Children DOCX 1/11/10
October 2009 Healthy and Safe Halloween DOC 10/9/09
Heifer International 07-09 Start School & Community Gardens Meeting PDF 7/13/09
Dirt Fresh News 05-09 Strawberries PDF 6/5/09
Dirt Fresh News 06-09 Blueberries PDF 6/5/09
Dehydration Flyer-Spanish JPG 5/29/09
Dehydration Flyer-English JPG 5/29/09
June 2009 Dehydration in Kids DOC 5/28/09
May, 2009 Throw Out the Frosted, Sweetened, Sugary Coated, and Yes, Even Yogurt Covered Cereal! DOC 5/4/09

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